St. Patrick’s Day Eve

Incase you weren’t aware, I tend to get a little excited about holidays.  And by a little excited I mean I get a little out of control.

This particular holiday is even worse though.  I married a Guinness loving Irish man and have given birth to at least one, possibly two, ginger babies (I still think Verona’s hair will get redder)… and (dad, stop reading, I’m about to make a dirty joke) I’m pretty sure I count as Irish now too since I have a little bit of Irish in me on such a regular basis.  Ooooo, mommy’s got a potty mouth!  Point being, St. Patrick’s Day is kind of a big deal around these parts.

Anyway, I suddenly realized that tomorrow, St. Patrick’s Day, we’ve got stuff all day long so I wasn’t going to get my green freak on… which means we were officially rocking St. Patrick’s Day Eve!  We started the morning by making some lemonade.  My friend Rachel and her daughter Carmen come over for Hoop Friday every week so Carmen got to help us.

Which of course we made green.

For post-nap lunch I made Verona and David mac and cheese.

And for dinner, broccoli and cheese twice baked potatoes.

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s epic St. Patrick’s Day aventures in pictures.


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