$239 worth of water and dirt

Did you know that spas here in the valley charge $239 for a mud wrap?  That’s $239… for getting muddy.  $239 for this…

Fyi, I did not pay 25% of the value of my car for the opportunity to be in the picture above.  That happened in my backyard for free.  Well, we get a bill for the water that went through the sprinkler to make the mud… so lets say I paid approximately $.07.  But that’s a price I can manage.  And as a bonus, at the Spa de Jenna if you buy one mud bath you get a child’s sized one for free.

Spa de Jenna also doesn’t mind if you hoop through the mud/sprinkler… I’m guessing the swanky Scottsdale places aren’t so accepting of fun.


5 thoughts on “$239 worth of water and dirt

  1. I love St. Patricks Day too! I teach preschool and we had a blast today. We read a book about a leprechaun getting loose in a classroom. We built a leprechaun trap that we set up at naptime. We caught a leprechaun, but it seems he got away. He did leave us green necklaces, shamrock stickers, and golden chocolate coins though. Fun day!

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