The 10th of March

I found this new photo project, the Ten on Ten.  In an attempt to document the beauty in your everyday life you take a picture every hour for ten hours on the 10th of random little beautiful things in your life.

I didn’t get 10 today, only 4, but since it’s my first time I’m cutting myself some slack.  Anyway, here’s my day.

Hour 4.  When they got up from their naps Verona informed me “Just need some more time snuggling with Finnegan, mom.”  So she crawled under a blanket with him on the couch and they snuggled, giggled, poked each other, and played peekaboo for probably half an hour.  It was beautiful.

Hour 8 (yes, I missed most of the day) bed time!  The kids went to sleep, and yes, Finn still will only sleep in the swing.  The vast concern my mother has for this situation hasn’t managed to rub off on me because, for whatever reason, I don’t see having a 13 year old sleeping in an infant swing as a possibility.  🙂

Hour 9, embarking on a craft project involving multiple tshirts, scissors, and fabric glue… I’ll show you the finished project when I’m done.  Unless it sucks.  In which case I’ll never mention it again.

Hour 10, ending my day the right way.  A slice of chocolate swirl cheesecake and a fabulous drink in my new mug that I found at the thrift store this afternoon.


2 thoughts on “The 10th of March

  1. I was just about to put out a plea to the internet requesting stories that illustrate “why having a second child is a good thing for the first child, rather than just an adjustment trauma,” and then I saw this bit about your two snugglers, and that was all I needed.

    1. I don’t know if I was just lucky, if they were just meant to be bffs, or some sort of epic parenting on my behalf but we haven’t had any sibling agression or rivelry at all. It was definitely an adjustment for V… she spent every night for about three weeks on top of me in the bed because she wouldn’t let me go… but it wasn’t nearly as hard as what I prepared myself for.

      I wish you the same.

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