When urine is the topic it’s all about location, location, location.

The setting: A few moments ago in my living room.  Verona and I were building a tower and Finn was trying to roll over.


Verona: “Mom, I not want to wear my diaper anymore.”

Me: “Ok honey, but that means if you need to pee you have to go sit on the potty, ok?”

Several minutes later.

Verona: “Mom! Mom!  I need to pee!  Need to go pee!  I going to go sit on the potty!  I going to go sit on the potty!”  And runs away towards the bathroom.  Several more minutes go by and she returns with a big smile on her face.

Me: “Did you pee in the potty?!”

Verona:  “I go peeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!”

Me: “YOU PEED IN THE POTTY!?!?!?!”  I was so excited by this point I was ready to pee in my own pants.  Verona walks over, still beaming, gives me a giant hug, then whispers in my ear…

Verona: “No.  I just pee in the closet instead.”


We’re sorta headed in the right direction though… right?


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