Come and get your cuddle on

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again.

Every dog needs a child and every child needs a dog.

Knowing that kids exist without a dog makes me want to cry.  Ok, not really cry, but it bums me out, and don’t tell me about how sad starving kids in Africa are… we’re not talking about that right now.

I say this as someone who didn’t have a dog when I was little.  I got a cat as a consolation prize from my mom after my dad left in elementary school but cat’s are judgemental bitches, even my much beloved Stormy who I turned out to be deathly allergic too, I loved to her pieces but by virtue of being a cat she was a judgemental bitch… and I mean that in the most affectionate way.

Then we (the “we” at my dad’s house) inherited two dogs.  A dumb as rocks cockapoo named Anna Mae and a morbidly obese beagle/chihuahua mix named Molly who got run over by a street sweeper and was horribly disfigured as a result.  Molly also may have been part cat because she was a judgemental bitch.  But not in the endearing way that Stormy was.  Moral of the story is I fell madly in love with both of them and swore if I ever had kids they would have a dog.  They would always have a dog.

So we do have dogs; two, formerly three.

And it’s a beautiful thing.


3 thoughts on “Come and get your cuddle on

  1. I have a confession to make. I’m not a dog lover. I don’t like our dog. Granted, it’s outside, and stinky, and slightly too big, and hyper. I think I could come to love an inside dog that didn’t poop or pee or chew on anything. But my husband doesn’t like any kind of small dog, so …

    As it is, we need to find a new home for our dog before the move, and are 11 year old is going to be crushed. Which is exactly why I never “let” them have a dog, because I knew we would just have to get rid of it with the ever impending next move. But, alas, this one adopted us against our will. Sigh.

  2. When I was a wee kiddo we had two big german shepherds (my dad’s a cop and they’re the only dog we’re allowed, lol) who were put to sleep when I was 3ish within 2 weeks of each other.
    Then, when I turned 11 we got a ten month old failed security dog. We had him til he was almost 8 and he was without a doubt my best friend ever. He followed me everywhere, and would sit and watch me adoringly no matter what I was doing. And more than once protected me when I was walking him late at night. He was my everything until he got lung cancer. From when we noticed the problem to him being put to sleep was just under two weeks time. I was utterly heartbroken and even though its been 2 years this year it still makes me cry now!
    Now, we have a brother and sister (german sheps, of coruse) who are utter nutters. And as I speak Jakey (who is mine) is staring at me in that cute little way with big adoring brown eyes and all he really wants is for me to move the laptop so all 40kgs of him can climb onto my lap and crush the air from my lungs while he drools on my chest!
    And I wouldn’t have it any other way. Don’t get me wrong, Jakey will never replace Spud as my best friend but you know what, he’s damn close!

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