Verona’s Birthday

So once upon a time my daughter turned 2 and I didn’t even get around to putting it on my blog.

Epic. Mom. Fail.

Anyway, I’m making up for it now.  Week before last my little squirrel turned 2 and the follow Saturday we had her birthday party.  In my mind the whole point of a kid’s birthday is so I have another excuse to hang out with grown ups… you know… because I’m a selfless parent and all that.  And by “all that” I mean “there has not been a single week in the past two years where I have gotten enough adult interaction to fully satisfy me”.

Luckily in the toddler stage “my kid’s friends” is just code for “the spawn of my friends” so we invited everyone we wanted to hang out with, made a cake and some snacks, and went to the park.

We hung out…

…there was much hooping…

…and played a lot of pehoe.

This is Verona’a birthday cake.  It is two fabulous layers of yellow cake, both of which have inside them a layer of peanutbutter cookie dough, a layer of oreos, and a layer of brownie batter.  All baked inside the already fabulous cake.  It was amazing.

So that was the deal.  It was a gorgeous and fun day and my little girl is getting less little ever single day.




3 thoughts on “Verona’s Birthday

    1. Basically just what I said. I poured a little cake batter in the bottom of the pan, broke the cookie dough into little pieces and scattered them all over, laid the oreos on top of that, poured brownie batter on top of that, and the rest of the cake batter on top of/around the edges of that. Then threw that badboy in the oven. (Actually it was “those” bad boys. I did this twice in two round cake pans to make a big double decker cake.)

      Honestly, it didn’t all bake the way I expected it to. The cookie dough just turned into molten peanutbutter (which turned out to be delicious) causing the whole thing to fall down in the middle when I put the two layers together. Look in the pictures and you can see it.

      A little lopsided and deformed, but fabulous nonetheless.

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