Friends are important, especially for us extroverts.  If I don’t get my time with some wonderful (adult) people on a regular basis I turn into a real… a real unfortunate person to be around.  I’m seeing V start to follow in my footsteps if we don’t get in a few playdates every week… she needs her some friend time.

Every Thursday morning she hangs out with her buddies Samirah and Maya.

And this morning her friend Eliana was at our place while her parents were busy for a few hours.  They spent a sizeable chunk of time running through the house screaming and waving drum sticks over their heads… don’t ask me to try and explain what happens in the mind of 2 and 3 year olds, cause I can’t… then spent the rest of the time jumping on the bed in Verona’s room.


2 thoughts on “Friends

    1. I’m 100% serious when I say this. Consider this a formal invitation to bring your brood down here and escape the cold. You are more than welcome to stay at our house.

      Although maybe not till you pop that little monster out of your baby hole… I’m not sure how one goes about getting uterus goo out of the carpet.

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