FreePlayLife Academy

Rockstar Tiff over at FreePlayLife has started the FreePlayLife Academy… a challenge every week for the year to help you figure out who you are, love yourself, bust out, and let that awesome that’s inside you out!  I encourage you all to hop in and join… it’s never too late.  Here’s a link to this weeks challenge if you want to.

Anyway, I haven’t been posting anything on here lately cause I’ve been the master slacker (a profound sorry to my loyal readers… both of you) so I figured I might as well post my FPLA assignments… since it’s not like I’ve been posting anything better.

To catch y’all up a little (not all the way, just a little) this month has been focusing on finding our inner super hero.  We made pinterest boards of clothes that we love love love (because you shouldn’t be putting anything on your body unless it makes you feel fan-fucking-tastic)! and used that to find our superhero costume.  I knew immediately what mine was… I’ve had this red dress since college that is awesome… so awesome in fact that I’ve never had the balls to wear it out in public… until this challenge.

We made pictures of our superhero thanks to the marvel website… here is mine.

The red dress is my awesome red dress that is my super hero costume.  The trench coat is because I’m as awesome as the girl in the Cake song Short Skirt, Long Jacket, the wings are the big tattoo of wings I have on my back that I got when I busted out on my own, and the name Ketchup Mama is a twist off Ketchup Chica… one of my pen names from back in the day when I wrote what people in the small town I lived in considered subversive shit.

We then moved on to find our superhero theme song… mine is Shake Senora, the Pitbull remix.  Just listen to this and try not to shake your ass like a crazy person.

And this week we found our superhero accessories.  Mine are…

…my DSLR, a sharpie (my art medium of choice), my fabulous tyedye hoop, crazy nail polish, my the previously mentioned super sexy red dress, and my piano.

So there we are so far.  If you want to join in, do it.  And by that I mean you should all ABSOLUTLY join in… so go do it, like, right now.  And if you want to blog/flickr/facebook/in anyway document it leave me a link cause I’d love to see it.


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