You know that thing where everyone sees your butt? Yeah, that.

I’ve been told by numerous people over the past few years that I am, for whatever reason, a magnet for super weird life events.  I have also been told that I, in a good way, totally bring it on myself.

Tiff over at freeplaylife issued those of us in the FreePlayLife Academy a challenge this week to take self portraits which then got upped to take a self portrait… of your butt.  So we did.  A whole slew of us got out our cameras and our badonkadonks and got to clickin.  I put mine on the freeplaylife facebook page, felt a little vulnerable, congratulated myself on growing as a person because a few other moms were going to see this, and went on with my day.

Not long after I was feeding Thing1 and Thing2 dinner, minding my own business, when a friend of mine from 3,000 miles away got a hold of me.

“Hey Jenna, is there a picture of your butt on facebook?”
“Not one that you can see.  Wait, did you see it?  Joe, how did you see that picture?!?!”
“I didn’t, someone just texted me and said ‘Jenna’s ass it blowing up my news feed’.”

As it turns out, even though me posting the picture doesn’t show up on my timeline or anyones news feeds or anything if someone comments on it it will show up in the ticker feed… the ticker feed of everyone I know and everyone the commenter knows.  Every comment made puts it on a few hundred new people’s feeds which entices those people to “like” or comment which… well, you get the point.  And as you probably guessed, a picture like that gets plenty of comments.

I was officially facebook’s newest unintentional porn star.

My first thought was “I need to take it down right now!”  But then I thought, no.  No, I’m not gonna do it.  The whole point of this was pushing our boundaries, stretching us and whatnot.  I’m not ashamed of my ass!  Granted, it happened to be a very good picture of said ass, one that made me look quite skinny and cellulite free, and I may have felt very different if that weren’t the case… but none the less I decided the picture was staying as a matter of principle.  I’m not entirely sure what principle that was, maybe self esteem, or loving our bodies, or promoting different body types… or something.  But principal none the less!

(It also may have just been me being a stubborn.  Shhhh.)

I didn’t realize the full extent of it till I went to church this morning and the first person I talked to immediately asked “So was that actually your butt or someone elses?  Cause it was really nice.”  I blushed and told them it was mine, then started to give the sparknotes version of this story to the few other people standing by us to catch them up on what we were talking about but was informed “Oh no, we’ve all seen it too.  No worries.  And nice ass.”  And that was more or less how the rest of the morning went.

Did I mentioned I go to a Mennonite church?  A religion where in many circles seeing a womans shoulders or knees is a big fat scandal in and of itself?  Yep.

So I held my head high.  And I smiled.  And I looked everyone in the eye.  And luckily everyone I talked to thought it was funny or was just curious.  But it made me feel more vulnerable than I’ve ever felt in my life.  The whole experience was weird, and uncomfortable, and so incredibly liberating!  I mean, once everyone you know (and half the rest of the world) has seen your butt there’s not a whole lot left to be shy about.

So if you want to get over yourself, show a few people your ass.  You might regret it, but you also might not.  Who knows.  Life is ment to be lived.


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