Hey Kohl’s… consider it on!

Once upon a time for Christmas I got a coat from Kohl’s.  It was cute, green, and I don’t actually own a coat (although I live in Phoenix so that’s not a big deal) what it wasn’t was the correct size.

So I went to exchange it for the right size today to find there weren’t any in the right size.  When I decided to return it instead I was told by the cashier that through whatever messed up Kohl’s system that I didn’t understand I could either take $19 cash or $58 store credit… except the catch about the store credit was that it had to be one item that was exactly $58, not a penny more, not a penny less.  The apathetic sales clerk looked at me with her glazed over look and, without stopping the incessant chomping on her gum said “Well, you better take the $19.  It’s point to be a huge pain to try and find something exactly $58.  Too bad.”

To which I responded “Really Kohl’s?!?!  REALLY!?!?  Them’s fightin’ words!  You think you can screw me out of damn near $40?!?!?!  Oh it’s OOOOOON BITCHES!”  (Ok, those may not have been my exact words… but it was exactly what I ment.)

I searched through that whole freaking store for almost two hours, and you know what the interesting thing about Kohl’s is?  They have a whole lotta stuff for $57.  They also have a whole lotta stuff for $59.  Do you know what they have for $58?  Exactly one pair of bootcut jeans and one incredibly ugly sweater.  That’s it.

So I got me a pair of bootcut jeans.  And Kohl’s can suck it.  Because nobody is screwing me and my borderline OCD level frugality out of damn near $40.

And I mean nobody!


One thought on “Hey Kohl’s… consider it on!

  1. Oh my word seriously? I knew there was a reason I hated that store. Everyone always sings the praises of Kohl’s- “they have such awesome deals!” Yah, now I know why! ;0)

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