If my kids end up being passionate about things I couldn’t care less about I will try my hardest to be involved in it even if I think it’s the most boring thing in the world… but damn it’s so much easier when they’re passionate about things I love too!

Verona is the all about art kid.  She loves her some crayons, modeling clay, colored pencils, stencils and rubber stamps… anything she can get her little hands on.  Lately though she’s been painting non-stop.  She started out with water colors but likes the regular stuff better.  She also enjoys the sidewalk chalk paint recipe I found on pinterest.  (P.S. If you’re not on pinterest you should probably fix that… like, right now.  I’ll send you an invite if you need one.)

The weather has been so beautiful lately we’ve spent pretty much every afternoon outside with her painting away, me hooping, and Finn sitting in his little chair grinning like a goofy bastard.

The reason it has to be nice weather for us to paint is because girlfriend needs to be naked.  Why you may ask?  Because inevitably, when the paper starts to fill up,  we move on to this…

(Do you see the glitter in the paint?  That’s the other obsession… it ends up incorporated into every piece of art.)

And eventually the whole shebang ends up like this…

And eventually all three of us are covered head to toe in a rainbow of colors, in desperate need of a shower.

Seriously… I could not be happier with my life.


2 thoughts on “Paint

  1. ok, don’t know you, don’t know how i got here while wandering through flickr and blogs…but there is something about this that feels like Home. it’s familiar and nice and well done, blog friend.

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