Dogs and Kids

I am a strong believer that every dog needs a child and every child needs a dog.  Verona, incidentally, has started repeating that to me on a fairly regular basis (apparently I say it too much).  But it’s just the way of the world, some truths cannot be denied.

This is what my room this morning.

David and I had officially been kicked out of our own bed… not that either of us minded too much, how could you not be enamored with this?

When we first had Verona I was admittedly a little worried about how the dogs would be with her.  Daisy, although a sweetheart, can get a little crazy at time and Barney is one of the dimmer bulbs in the chandelier for sure, not to mention approximately 6 times bigger than Verona and 10 times bigger than Finn.  But they are both wonderful with the exception of the almost daily occurence of Barney stealing a waffle, piece of toast, or cheese stick straight out of V’s hand, and their love of the kids is only surpassed by the kids love of them.


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