Photo shoots, new businesses, and things that go bump in the night.

Howdy everyone!  Sorry I haven’t been around much lately, I been busy.

Not long ago I met a lady who owns a small business here in the valley, A Blissful Life, making the most adorable acessories and kid things.  One thing led to another and she ended up asking me to do some photography work for her website.  My first professional photography job, falling into my lap… awesome.

So last Saturday we met up at a park between us with a bunch of her merchandise plus our kids to model some of the stuff and had us a photo shoot and through the course of working together for the afternoon discovered we were kindred spirits in so many ways.

Anyway she said she would advertise my photography business for free on her site and when she goes to craft shows since she liked my work if I would just send her my website and some business cards.  To which I laughed quite a bit to myself… then went home to make a website and some business cards for a business that I wasn’t even aware I had until right then.

So that’s what I’ve been up to.  Go check me out if your little heart desires, Jenna Boring Photography.  (I’m open to a better name if someone has one in mind by the way.)

Also, in the interest of looking at least the least bit professional I should probably have more people in my pictures than just my kids and dogs.  So if anyone in the valley wants some pictures taken in exchange for letting me use it on the site let me know.  I’m doing family portraits for some friends and their two pugs this weekend, and a maternity shoot for a very very pregnant friend and her husband… unless of course she’s having the baby because it’s three days before her due date.  Needless to say, I’ve been busy, I’ll be busy… but I’ll try to make time again for my dear blog and both of it’s faithful readers.


2 thoughts on “Photo shoots, new businesses, and things that go bump in the night.

  1. Um…Unless your last name is “Boring,” I think I’d avoid it as a business name…. And even if “Boring” IS your last name, I think I’d avoid it… I know it’s crazy, but you could just use your real name… Or Plaid Sheep Photography… Or (I’m just looking around at this page and brainstorming) Lone Goose Photography… or Hey Monday Photography…

    1. Haha, Boring is infact my last name… if my husband ever doubts my love for him he can just remember that I took his last name and all doubts should be dispelled. 🙂 Plaid Sheep Photography is really good actually… I think it’s getting changed. Thanks.

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