Unexpected Christmas Visitors

Ok, not technically Christmas visitors… more like Christmas eve eve/Christmas eve visitors… but still.

We have the good fortune of winding up with all sorts of random people staying at our house, usually while they’re traveling, on a pretty frequent basis.  We meet some of the coolest people that way.  Anyway, some friends of ours have friends whose car broke down not far from here while they were driving back to Michigan for Christmas and needed a place to stay… definitely some of the funnest people we’ve had yet.

We stayed up till the wee hours playing games, drinking, and telling stories.

The next morning while I was making homemade cinnamon rolls Kevin, Zack, and myself got into a fantastic conversation about the American education system.  These guys are my kindred spirits for sure.

The night before it had come up that Chelsey wants more piercings and David does piercings so while all that was going on they were in the bathroom shoving metal through flesh.  Chelsey, after an almost painful deliberation process, settled on a few new things she wanted, picked out her jewelry and got to it.

She approved of the results.

We have a holiday tradition with the rest of our friends of all going to our favorite Irish pub, Tim Finnegan’s, after the Christmas eve service at church every year.  I was secretly hoping our Christmas visitors wouldn’t be able to get their car fixed and could come with us but they got the part they needed and were back on the road.

Merry Christmas y’all!


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