You haven’t seen chaos…

…until you’ve watched a bunch of two year olds try to be sheep in a Christmas pageant.

Every year the little kids at church do a Christmas pageant and every year the two year olds are cast as sheep because
A)tiny sheep are adorable
B)being a sheep doesn’t require learning any lines and
C)when they inevitably get antsy and start wandering around the stage and occasionally down through the pews it’s almost like they’re in character.  Sheep are crazy like that, right?

I had been talking to Verona about this for the past few days so she wouldn’t be caught off guard.  We talked about how she was going to wear a sheep costume and a sheep hat and go up in the front of the church with the other kids and people would sing songs.  Well girlfriend was so excited to get up there she tried to run up on stage multiple times before it even started.  She was ready for the spot light!

When it was finally time for the little five year old shepherds to herd their flock of two year olds up there she decided she had no interest in wearing her sheep had and was going to abandon the flock and go chill with the angels, where she quickly discovered that she could pull her costume apart.

The next 15 minutes, when she wasn’t jumping off the stage or trying to escape backstage and having to be caught by one of the older kids or trying to dismantle other kids costumes as well or generally wandering around that is, she spent tearing her costume apart and scattering the pieces around the manager.

Most of the other sheep were wandering around or doing equally adorable two year old sheep like things so it was all good.

Finnegan was busy chillin’ in the manager with Mary.  Yep, that’s right, Finnegan was baby Jesus.  (Does this make me a virgin?)

I bet you weren’t aware there were so many chickens and exotic birds in the manger when Jesus was born.  Well there were.  So there.  I bet you also didn’t know that by “swaddling clothes” the Bible really means “blue jeans and tiny fake Chuck Taylors”.  Well it did.  And that’s just the gospel truth.  (Pun completely intended.)


3 thoughts on “You haven’t seen chaos…

  1. Christmas pageants are the best, entirely because of all the silly things that happen. I love them. Two years ago our church had – I counted – twelve angels. Including one boy angel playing Gabriel. It was a holy host indeed.

  2. you take the sheep over the bridge. Leave it at the other side, then you go and get the wolf, bring it over, get the sheep bring it back, bring the cabbage back over, and go back for the sheep.

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