DPP4 :: V’s Christmas Tree

December Photo Project


Christmas activity idea!  V loves playing with the decorations on the Christmas tree but having a toddler run around with glass ornaments all the live long day (or in her particular case, hide them in various drawers in the house and nook and crannies in the backyard) is less than the greatest idea that’s ever happened.

So I made her he own tree.  Felt board, (a big piece of felt I stapled to a cork board) plus a giant tree shaped piece of green felt, candy canes, candles (Hanukkah tree?), and star that I cut out.  There are also some felt versions of those glass ball ornaments in various colors but she figured out that those can double as tiny flimsy frisbees so they’ve long since left the tree and started flying around the playroom.

She can decorate, redecorate, rearrange, and hide things to her little hearts content.


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