Wendy’s Only

Once upon a time in college my cousin Tara and I had a punk band called Wendy’s Only.  I attempted with all my might to be the hot but tortured drummer/back up vocalist while she played guitar and sang/shouted the angsty and many times incoherent lyrics to our slightly less worse than mediocre songs.

And what I mean by all that is Wendy’s Only was awesome and we were totally bad ass.

Anyway, I came across these gems this afternoon and felt the need to share.


4 thoughts on “Wendy’s Only

  1. Ern says:

    Oh Jenna… that first picture literally made me laugh out loud. The trench coat with flip flops and the looks on your faces are priceless. Will you please write a memoir? Pretty please?

    1. True story. We didn’t have a name but wanted to take band pictures (for our pretend future CD cover) and while walking to Chipotle for lunch passed a Wendy’s who’s managers were apparently very concerned about customers of other businesses parking their cars next to the store so they had spray painted “Wendy’s Only” next to or on nearly every parking spot.

      So that afternoon we got band pics and a band name all in one fell swoop.

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