Bubbles of a different color

Being home all the live long day without much option of going places thanks to our rapidly shrinking budget and the ever expanding price of bus tickets means The Girl gets bored as hell… and by The Girl I mean me… but really I mean both of us… we’re both bored as hell… anyway….

The downside is that means I’m constantly trying to find new things to amuse her, the upside is she’s a toddler and therefore really easily amused.

She loves anything with bubbles so yesterday I came up with the idea that I would put food coloring and soap in multiple trays outside and spray the hose in them so we’d have trays of different colored bubbles.  Awesome, right?  As it turns out the bubbles all stay normal stupid bubble color, they just float on top of different colored water… which kinda bummed me out but didn’t bother her at all.

No, that’s not blood all over her, it’s red food coloring.

She had a blast going crazy with the bubbles… throwing them all over, rubbing them on herself/myself/the porch/the dog, slapping handfuls of the different bubbles together so they exploded.  There is a line in the movie Knocked Up where the dad says “Look at how much my kids love bubbles.  They fucking love bubbles.  I wish I loved anything in my life as much as my kids love bubbles.”  I’ll second that statement, but not in a depressing sense like I just don’t love anything very much… no, she just loves bubbles SO MUCH MORE than I ever would have thought possible.

Eventually she found the bottles of food coloring and discovered that she could essentially draw on the bubbles with them.

Which quickly gave way to the realization that she could also draw all over herself with them… and all over me too of course.

Through none of this, however, did I realize that food coloring will stain skin.  Especially the red.  For whatever reason the red adamantly refuses to come out no matter how hard you beg, plead, or swear at it.  So despite a long long bath with scrubbing that could possibly qualify as assault she still looks a little bit like a one woman crime scene.

Such is life.


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