Nature in the City

I grew up out in a tiny town in the midwest, everywhere you went you were surrounded by vast fields of wheat waving in the breeze, acres upon acres of sunflowers with their faces turned towards the sun… trickling creeks with deer and all other manner of wild animals drinking from them surrounded by rolling hills of lush green grass.

I moved to the big city but almost everyone I’ve ever known stayed there.

The comment I hear the most from people back home is that sometimes it would be fun to be in a city but they would miss being close to nature, that being surrounded by concrete and buildings would be stifling because they wouldn’t be able to see the beauty that this world has to offer.

This is the view I had from my driveway tonight.

This scene is juxtaposed with the sounds of rush hour traffic, incessant honking, and a police siren wailing past.  Just below the frame of this picture is a row of less than impressive houses, most sorely neglected.  Just to the right is a street light and the rusted unfixable car that sits in my neighbor’s yard.

But the magnificence of these palm trees and the sheer glory of that sunset is undeniable.

The splendor of the world around us refuses to be hidden no matter how many government buildings, highways, and Costco parking lots surround you.  Beauty is everywhere, sometimes you just have to look for it.


2 thoughts on “Nature in the City

  1. Erin says:

    What a great picture! I miss Phoenix sunsets. So beautiful. But I’ve been noticing we have some really beautiful sunrises here in Chicago lately.

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