Happy Halloween!

Halloween might be my favorite holiday of the year.  Actually it’s a three way tie between Halloween (costumes and parties! Yay!), The 4th of July (blowing shit up! Yay!), and New Year Eve (drinking, parties, and mandatory kissing!  Yay!).  Anyway, I love love love everything involved in Halloween which this year included perpetrating an epic lie… the lie that I wish I could return to Kansas.

Dorothy, Tin Man, Scarecrow, and one sleepy sleepy Cowardly Lion.  Seriously though, aren’t we adorable?  And isn’t Kansas not a place I ever want to go back to?  Tangents aside, Verona is old enough this year to enjoy trick or treating which I’ve been anxiously awaiting since I first found out I was pregnant with her.

We went trick or treating… (that’s her with her grandma)

…then engaged in the fabulous tradition we have with our friends of going to Olive Garden for a less than authentic Halloween Italian feast.

You know you wish you were as cool as us.

We gorged ourselves on breadsticks and all other manner of carby delight while most likely horrifying the people sitting at the next table with our unabashadly loud laughter and off color humor.  The night ended the way all good nights should… at Cold Stone with even more friends.

Happy Halloween!


6 thoughts on “Happy Halloween!

  1. Oh how fantabulous!! I love the non-trad choice of who is who in the costume arrangement. 😀 Halloween is definitely my favorite holiday, too. Next, naturally, is my birthday…

  2. I love these costumes. What are your friends dressed as? We’ve talked about our fam going as Wizard of Oz for Halloween — my 6’4″ husband is planning on the Lollipop Guild or Mayor of Munchkins (;

    1. Alisha is a mermaid (her costume has a tail but she didn’t want to try and hop around in it at the restaurant), Monica is a cave girl, David was a creepy redneck (but we kept referring to him as “Amber Alert”), and Josh is a carebear.

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