Preschool Civics Class

This is what preschool civics class looks like.

We went downtown today to join in at the Occupy Phoenix demonstrations.  It was a really fun group of people, unlike a lot of other rallies or protests I’ve been at it was so full of hope (and so incredibly organized… which I expected the exact opposite of).

There were musicians all over playing for the crowds, there were a ton of other families with kids so Verona made plenty of new friends, and artists creating all sorts of different things including one guy who was doing the most amazing things with sidewalk chalk I’ve ever seen.

He had a bunch of extra chalk so all the kids could join in the fun, including Verona of course.  That’s just the kind of atmosphere it was.

There were several people who brought their pets out, mostly dogs but there were a couple cats too.  (They, of course, got SO MUCH love from all the little kids.)

At meal times people from the community who, for whatever reason, couldn’t spend a lot of time at the rally itself but wanted to support it would bring big trays of homemade food down for everybody.

When meals were served all the other protesters would have the families go through first so if there wasn’t enough food for everyone the small children got some.  Looking at the amount of food sitting there it would always appear that there could not possibly be enough for everyone but scoop after scoop, plate after plate, people would go through the line and somehow there always ended up being plenty… enough for people to go have seconds even.

The day ended as any such day should end… with a big impromptu dance party.


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