I know I invoked the “I just made a person” excuse in my last post for not having written anything in a while but I’m invoking it again here.  I’ve decided that excuse retains it’s validity for the duration of me having stitches in my lady parts.  So that’s why I haven’t been around, and here are a few updates.

On the family…

We’re slowly getting to know Finn and adjust to having a new member of our family.  Having a new baby is weird because they become a part of your life immediately but it takes a while for everyone to get to know each other so for a while it’s like having a stranger hanging out all the time.  He’s a wonderful little guy though and it’s been fun getting acquainted… love doesn’t always hit you like a truck, sometimes it grows quietly all around you.

On Finnegan…

Finn is eating, and subsequently growing, like it’s his job.  He’s healthy and I assume happy although it’s hard to know for sure when you’re dealing with someone who is still physically incapable of smiling except when he’s passing gas.

He’ll sleep at night… but only as long as he’s in my arms.  Verona is also still a little freaked out by the fact that I was gone for three days when I was in the hospital so she refuses to sleep anywhere that I’m not as well.  Subsequently, I spent every night with her in one arm and him on my chest with Verona’s free arm holding him too.  It’s like a big 10 hour hugfest that David is mostly glad he doesn’t have to be apart of.

On Verona…

I was all prepared for jealousy and regressive behavior and aggression and all the things people say happens to kids when they cease to be an only child.  False.  Verona is so madly in love with this kid the biggest problem we’ve been having is trying to explain to her that sometimes babies need a little bit of time WITHOUT being hugged or kissed.

On me…

I am mind numbingly sleep deprived, my boobs hurt, and my entire body feels like I’ve been hit by a car… and it’s fantastic!  Verona’s birth destroyed me physically in ways I won’t talk about here because I’m worried about scaring you all sterile so after experiencing Finn’s profoundly average birth I’m floored at how much better I feel that I was expecting!  Emotionally I’m loving seeing Verona and David develop a relationship with the little guy and I’m in complete awe of myself for being able to do something as amazing as create life.

Right now…

Right now Verona, Finnegan, and Mr. Crocker are passed out cold so I’m going to go eat a popsicle that I don’t have to share with anyone and then go join them.  Peace out.




5 thoughts on “Updates

  1. Maybe your life is harder right now than it seems in the pictures, but it appears to be pretty perfect 🙂 Finn is so cute — is that a dimple I see in the picture of you holding him!?!

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