Meet Finnegan!

I know I haven’t posted anything of value in a while now, but I’ve been busy making a whole new person… how’s that for a valid excuse.

Last week I looked like this…

…and from that came something that looks a little bit like this…

I was trying to write some “he joined us at such and such a date, he’s so wonderful and amazing and a completion to our family” sentiment… you know, the kind of trite thing you’re suppose to say when you have a baby but I can’t quite manage it.  Not that I don’t love the kid, he’s awesome, but I’ve never been good at the sugary stuff so instead of cliche-ing you to death I’ll forgo it (feel free to pretend I did it if that makes you feel better).

But there he is, Finnegan.  He’s precious and wonderful and kinda hairy and shockingly tiny and sneezes a lot and I love him.  Welcome to the world Finn!


12 thoughts on “Meet Finnegan!

  1. Andreea says:

    Superb ! You and your kids are gorgeous ! I like reading your posts and this one is one of the bests because is so simple and sincere. So … Welcome to the world, Finn !!

    1. Finn is the obvious one, and when I was pregnant with him we called him The Captain and I think that may stick around as well… I’m also open to any other nick name suggestions.

  2. Erin says:

    I love the detail about him sneezing. Much better than just saying how cute he is because now I can visualize that adorable little face sneezing and he’s just that much cuter.

    Also, a message from my friend Ray- he wants to be BFFs with Finn. Nevermind the 30 year age difference. This is based only on his middle name. (Ray is on the SWAT team and a former Marine.) We speculated that with a name like Danger, Finn will end up rebelling against his peace-loving parents and join the Marines. We definitely got a good laughed when we imagined the scene at boot camp when they ask him to state his name. I think Jen (his wife) wishes I hadn’t told him about Finn’s bad-ass name, because now he’s got ideas for when they have another baby.

    Sorry to ramble. Love you and miss you and look for something in the mail in the next few days. 🙂

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