Hey Monday, Suck It!

I’m starting a new weekly segment on here called “Hey Monday, Suck It!”, and by weekly I mean probably sometimes on Monday when I remember or until I get tired of doing it… because I could pretend I have a stick-to-it kind of personality and totally finish all the things I start but it’s too early in the morning for such unabashed deception.  Also, I considered calling it something cuter like the “Monday Pick-Me-Up” or “Break From Monday Blahs” but thanks to the child inside my trying his hardest to get out and my body’s blatant refusal to oblige him I’m having a pretty uncomfortable Monday myself so… suck it.

Anyway, every Monday (or when I remember and want to) I’ll post something amusing, and in the spirit of the day it will probably be something a least partially inappropriate and lowbrow (although not something so awful my own kids haven’t seen at least once) so if you’re easily offended or my mom you should probably skip it.

Here, for your very first Monday installment is the music video for Boombox by Lonely Island… it’s been suck in my head lately and cracks my bottom of the barrel sense of humor up every time I see it.  Enjoy.


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