I Come First. I’m Ok With That.

There has been some building stress in our lives over the past few months.  The basic reason?  Things have been going in a drastically different direction than we anticipated them going.  It kept getting more and more frustrating, more and more uncomfortable, and further and further away from what we wanted our lives to look like.

But we were helping someone.  They need help, we were helping them, we were doing the right thing… right?

I don’t know if it’s right or wrong or we’re being selfish or not… I don’t know and I really don’t care… but a few days ago we decided that since things didn’t look like they were going to change on their own we needed to make a decision between helping and making our lives a peaceful, joyful, minimally stressful place.

We chose us.

Like I said, maybe we’re being selfish, maybe we’re being uncaring… but honestly I feel so much better and the future looks so much brighter that I can’t bring myself to worry about it.  There are specific things I want for our lives, there is an environment I have in mind that I want to raise my kids in, and while I know not everything will be exactly how I want it to be (because nothing ever is) we can start moving in that direction again and it’s freeing.

We’re putting ourselves first… and right, wrong, or otherwise I’m totally ok with that.  (Insert big fat stress free smiley face here.)


3 thoughts on “I Come First. I’m Ok With That.

  1. I agree with Susan.

    Not to mention the fact that your body is nurturing a new person right now! Pregnancy isn’t a disease but there’s nothing wrong with slowing down a little if that’s what you need to stay healthy. 🙂

  2. Apparently this was the summer of making decisions. Seems to be going around the blogs lately. I haven’t talked about ours on the blog, but we left our church of 3 years and joined a new one this month. Big change.

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