Book Review: Parenting Wild Things

When I found out Jessica over at The Bohemian Bowmans was writing a book about parenting I knew I had to read it, I ended up being lucky enough to get an advanced copy to review… huzzah!

Jessica is a writer, blogger, and mother of four wild things that inspired the book, Parenting Wild Things – Embracing the Rumpus.


Well needless to say it was great, but since I don’t think I have it in me to write one of those cheesy book reviews (and lets face it, they almost aways end up sounding like a cheesy commercial) I’ll just go ahead and tell you why it was so awesome.

1. Most parenting books I’ve read are written by “experts” (whatever the hell that means) and take the tone of “Here, for all you lowly parents who never could have come up with these words of wisdom on your own, are all the things you’ve been doing so far to mess up your kids.  Better start doing what I say soon before they’re ruined for life.”  Jessica, on the other hand, never claims expert status or to have all the answers but instead is honest with stories of her own mistakes, and the whole book reads like words of wisdom from the mom you’re friends with who’s been around the block a few times more than you.  No mommy guilt involved, just the feeling of “Huh, those are some good ideas I could incorporate into what I’m doing.

2. It’s no secret I have a torrid love-hate relationship with Christianity and the church in general and if you would have told me I’d be a fan of a Christian parenting book, given the ones I’ve seen I would have been skeptical at best.  This book in contrast to those others quotes applicable scriptures that have actually been thought through instead of just regurgitated from the plethora of (in my case eye roll inducing) Christian literature out there.  Because of her humble and non-judgemental stance I would have no problem recommending it to my non-Christian friends as well.

3. It presents ideas, thoughts, and options rarely if ever seen in the mainstream parenting world making it great especially for new parents or anyone who thinks there might be another way out there but hasn’t found it.

4.  It’s succinct, easy to read, broken into nice small chapters that can be read in between running after your own Wild Things, available in PDF format that you can read right on your computer like I did and soon on Kindle, and did I mention it’s only $5?

Anyone who’s interested head on over to check out Parenting Wild Things.  Speaking of Wild Things, mine just crawled out the dog door so I gotta go.


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