I want my life to be a yogurt buffet.

Want to see my idea of a fantastic evening?  It looks a little something like this.

Tonight after dinner for a friend’s birthday we went to one of those frozen yogurt places where you get your yogurt and have a huge buffet of toppings to choose from and pay by the pound.  Everything from kiwi to hot fudge to Fruitie Pebbles to gummie bears and everything in between.  Basically it’s an orgasm for your eyes followed by an orgasm for your imagination followed by an orgasm in your mouth. 

Anyway, I’ve decided I want to live my life like a frozen yogurt buffet.  (Hmmmm… my world view is food based… shocker, I know.) 

There are a bazillion different things to see and do and choose from and a lot of them are so fantastic it’s hard to choose between them!  There are also a lot of things that suck and you can either dwell on their epic suckitude and get pissed that they exist in the world/buffet or pass them by and not be concerned.  I want to live my life like that.

Hey self doubt, body image issues, stress over finances, and negativity that other people throw my way about this that or the other thing… I’m passing you by!  You are the coconut flakes, the yogurt covered raisins, and the sunflower seeds on my buffet, I think you’re awful but instead of worrying my pretty little head about it I’m just going to pass you by and go on to something that sucks less.  Maybe someone else wants you on their frozen yogurt and I’m not worried about that either, they can do what they want with their frozen yogurt without me losing any sleep. 

I want the frozen yogurt of my life to be pile high with bluegrass concerts, cuddling, late night ice cream runs, gazing longingly at stars, hilariously off color jokes, and searching for meaning in this world. 

Or in the case of actual frozen yogurt I want it piled high with miniature peanut butter cups, cookie dough, brownies, peanut butter chips, and Capt’n Crunch.

Mmmmmmm, so delicious I completely forgot that the coconut flakes, yogurt covered raisins, and sunflower seeds even existed.


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