Jesus Scratched His Balls

Christians, non-Christians, and people somewhere in between all tend to get caught up in some lofty idea of (cue choir of angels) who Jesus is, and subsequently lose sight of the fact that he was a pretty awesome guy… and that’s unfair.  Sometimes I think it’s fun/helpful to think about Jesus doing the run of the mill, profoundly human things.  Jesus was human, and as such…

Jesus farted in his sleep.

Jesus sat on the ground in weird positions for too long and his leg fell asleep.

Jesus did that thing where you think there’s one more step then there actually is and look like a moron when you half fall over at the top of the stairs because of said miscalculation.

And Jesus occasionally forgot what he was talking about.


8 thoughts on “Jesus Scratched His Balls

  1. Anonymous says:

    I should be sleeping but I’ve been reading your blog. I had to comment on this one because I actually had this conversation with my Sunday School class a few weeks ago. I teach the 1st and 2nd graders. They were shocked when I told them that Jesus farted but then we all laughed about it. It was great!

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