The Key to a Successful Marriage

I think I have figured out the key to a lasting relationship, be it marriage, friendship, good sibling relations… just about anything where two peers are involved.  The key to a relationship that will last is that, on a scale of 1-10 both of your hotness scores and both of your craziness scores always stay within one or two points of each other.

For example, I would rate my hotness realistically at around a 7 and David around and 8 so we’re good.  If I were to get really fat (pregnancy not included) thus lowering my score, it would cause a problem unless David got really fat too or lost a limb or something so our scores plummeted together.  Similarly I would rate both of our crazy at around a 7… crazy enough that it’s a big fixture in our lives but not crazy enough that we need therapy or medication (although both might help… but we don’t NEED them).  If David’s general lack of communication and social skills were to get worse… problem.  If my irrational fears of certain household items were to disappear… problem. 

Ever seen a successful relationship where one partner was crazy hot and the other straight up fugly?  Yeah, those only happen if there’s money involved for a reason.  Or know couples where one person has all their shit together and the other is completely batshit crazy?  If you do it doesn’t disprove my theory, it only means one of them is better at hiding their crazy than the other.

Overly simplified, yes, but I am convinced.  You’re welcome for sharing the secret.


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