You can lead a girl to legos…

I have been very conscious since Verona was born about not imposing gender stereotypes on her… or at least trying really hard not to, everyone does a little bit without realizing it I suppose. 

I’m in no way trying to raise her not to be a girl, or to be a boy, or genderless, or whatever… just to have the freedoms for whatever she feels drawn towards.  Her closet has blue tiger tshirts next to her pink tutu (which she often chooses to wear together by the way), her toys include both tea sets and matchbox cars, and the bookshelf houses information on princesses, dump trucks, and dinosaurs. 

I am starting to realize though that in a lot of ways girls are just girls.  There are plenty of days she crawls in through the dog door covered head to toe in the mud she’s been playing in for the last hour but there are also plenty of days when I find things like this…

Proving the old saying, you can lead a girl to legos but you can’t make her stop loving your red heels and costume jewelry.


5 thoughts on “You can lead a girl to legos…

  1. Oh isn’t that the truth!! What you’ve written here is one of the many many things I’ve learned since having a girl after three boys. She too is a mud loving, dinosaur roaring, dump truck driving, doll playing, tiara and pearls wearing GIRL. 🙂 She’s awesome.

  2. Erin says:

    I was just catching up on your blog and thinking- have you ever thought of trying to write for This American Life? Cuz you are pretty awesome.

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