Premature Sibling Rivalry

We had our first official sibling rivalry last night. 

Verona hasn’t been feeling 100% lately and subsequently has been really needy/clingy/cuddly/all up in my personal space all the live long day and all the live long night.  So last night, like the few nights proceeding it, included several occurances of her crawling up out of her bed and into ours in the wee hours, where we cuddle for a while until she’s past out cold once again and I can move her back down into her bed next to ours. 

She was curled up next to my stomach and had just fallen back asleep when her little brother from in his cozy uterin home started kicking wildly at her, waking her up.  She grumbled like half awake people do and smack back at my stomach mumbling “no no no” before falling back asleep.  A few moments later he kicks her hard again and she’s smacking at my stomach mumbling “NO NO” in her sleepy state to which he responds by kicking back even harder.  The “fought” back and forth like this for the next ten minutes or so while I used all my energy to hold back the roaring laughter that threatened to bubble out of me and would most certianly fully wake both her and David. 

Eventually I rolled over so she was against my back and could fully rest again and told little dude “Quit waking your sister!” which I wasn’t aware I would have to say for another three and a half months or so. 

They are true siblings already.


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