Have I told you yet that I’m a nerd?

Well incase I haven’t, you should be aware, I am a nerd.  As a child I was really into collecting and studying bugs, I love Star Trek, and this weekend David and I got full event passes to all four days of Comicon.  Yes, I am a nerd, and proud of it.

We had event passes and little kids got “Sidekick Passes” with our names and phone numbers on it incase she got lost in the chaos.

We met all sorts of fun people… there’s Verona and I with Darth Mal.  George Takai (Sulu from the original Star Trek) and Leonard Nimoy (Verona, by the way, knows Nimoy and screams “Spock!” whenever she sees a picture of him… nerd in training) were there signing autographs along with Stan Lee (the godfather of comic books) and a host of other people.

Here’s a few of  my favorite costumes from the weekend.



Verona’s favorite part was when her and David got thrown into Storm Trooper jail.

Don’t ask me why but she thought that little jail cell was the coolest thing ever.  If only I could make one in our living room she would be occupied all day.


3 thoughts on “Have I told you yet that I’m a nerd?

  1. Wow, there are a lot of you out there. I think my son is a nerd, too. He goes to Otakon. I think these are similar, but I’m not sure. It looked like fun. btw, love your baby sling.

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