…and this is the way the world works.

Nothing is cooler than watching a kid have a big “ah ha!” moment.

This afternoon Verona was outside playing in the dog’s water bowl… because you know, all the toys that grandma and grandpa can send will never compare to a plastic dish filled with dirty water and dog saliva.  Anyway, I found the plastic cap off a sprinkler toy and a big green spoon with holes in it to splash around with.

After a while she said she wanted me to come play with her so I put down my camera and did.  I would scoop water into the spoon and hold it up so  it drizzled out the holes making two thin streams of water.  She would immediately want to hold it but when she would take the handle the spoon would tilt sideways and all the water would fall out.  We did this over and over again and every time she would look at me like “What are you some sort of wizard?  Why does it work for you and not for me?”  Then on maybe the 20th time instead of taking the handle of the spoon she grabbed the sides of it with both hands so it stayed level.  Lo and behold, in accordance to the known laws of physics the water did not fall out over the side but instead drizzled out slowly through the holes in the bottom.

The look on her face was priceless!  You could almost hear her screaming “I figured it out!  I figured it out!”  Needless to say I was almost as excited by her joy as she was by this revelation of the way the world works.

She did her new trick for a while and then we spent half an hour making footprints on the sidewalk together.  Life is wonderful.


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