My Political Sabbatical

I am a politics junkie, it’s my crack, my smack, the thing I would stand out on a dark corner at night waiting for a shady dealer to come sell me at exorbitant prices if that was my only way to get it.  The problem?  It totally stresses me out. 

I’ve decided that since I’m pregnant and I can’t imagine stress being a really good thing for the baby (and other than this I’m a pretty stress-free person) I’m taking a sabbatical from all things political.  I’m going cold turkey and cutting myself entirely… Dear AlJazeera, CNN, and BBC, you are officially off my list of websites I check as soon as I get up in the morning.  When it comes on the radio I’ll change the channel, when roommate Josh watches Charlie Rose in the afternoon I will go do something else, and when that girl I went to high school with posts an article on Facebook about how “the gays are ruining America” I won’t engage.  The only exceptions I’m making are if an intelligent conversation arises I’ll still partake (since those are just fun, not stressful) and if sometime between now and then there is a vote I will do my part as a good citizen and research those issues because being pregnant is no excuse for not being an informed voter.

Other than that guys I’m out… at least for the next five months or so.


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