Once Upon a Time in 2008

For whatever reason last night I was thinking back on our wedding.

The whole day was a stressful complicated mess.  The small informal wedding of our dreams got put aside in the interests of compromising and making other people happy, something that I don’t regret, life is about compromises and sometimes it’s not all about you.

It was an afternoon was stressful frustrating stressness followed by a gorgeous little ceremony followed by more stressful frustrating stressness and ending the next day in a stressful frustrating stressness brunch/present opening.  I chose to view it as a lesson in serving others, doing things that maybe weren’t my favorite things in the world for the people that we love.  (Want to know two of the things on my top ten least favorite things list?  Taking family pictures and opening gifts in front of people.  Want to know two things people in my parents generation think are necessary parts of weddings?  A bazillion extended family pictures and me opening presents in front of people.)

But in the middle of all the stuff that sucked was a beautiful 20 minutes or so on the edge of a pond on a gorgeous sunny day with the man that I love.  And that few minutes was wonderful.  The extra hoopla that had ended up being a part of the day… everything faded away and it was just the two of us in that meadow on the edge of the pond telling each other how much we loved each other.  Despite everything else those few precious minutes were perfect, and in the end that’s what really matters, right?


One thought on “Once Upon a Time in 2008

  1. tammy says:

    very nicely written. I would have eloped but everyone else (including Jim) wanted a wedding. so we had one. I understand you!

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