Sleeping on the floor is fun for the whole family.

Verona has decided to take a stand against the grand injustices in her life… mainly that she goes to sleep in a bed all by herself when the rest of us  (David, myself, Daisy and Barney) all get to share a room, which I can only assume in her mind is a party all night long with us spending those precious eight hours doing all her favorite things without her.  In her mind it probably looks something like this…

She’s slept in our room before… plenty of times… but I guess she thinks we only spent those nights pretending to sleep to throw her off the trail.  After all, if she were to come party with us instead of resting peacefully in her own boring old room then we’d have to share the goldfish crackers and who wants that?

Anyway, she’s decided she will no long sleep in her room at night.  Just won’t have it.  The only problem is that she has a giant pink cast on her leg and if you’ve never tried to co-sleep with a baby in a cast I’ll clue you in; it’s pretty much the worst ever.  I actually spent all of Wednesday thinking I had this crazy disease my step-dad told me about where your chest cavity swells up causing excruciating pain until I figured out it was because she had kicked me in the sternum with her cast the night before.  So sleeping in her own bed isn’t an option and sleeping in our bed is DEFINITLY not an option (my poor sternum can’t take it) so we had to think of a compromise.

Verona now sleeps on the floor.  I threw down a comforter and a few pillows in the corner between our bed, the wall, and the dresser and that for now is Verona’s new bed.  She’s our little hobo.  She’s apparently ok with this compromise because she’s slept there without fuss the past two nights, although occasionally around three in the morning I’ll wakeup to find her little face inches away from mine at the edge of the bed, just staring at me in the dark like some creepy children of the corn wannabe.


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