All The Grace In The World

My life right now:

1. Verona won’t sleep… she also won’t eat/play/read books/hang on/do anything but sit and scream.

2. Strawberry, also known as his little monster growing inside me (I say that in the most loving way) hates me in a way Verona never did.  I’m hungry all the time but everything sounds GROSS.  The only things I end up being able to stomach are at the furthest ends of the health food spectrum… either fresh fruit and juice, or hotdogs and fried pickles with ranch.

3. I just had to run over to the trash because of the sudden feeling that the grilled asparagus I just ate was going to present an encore. 

4. My house is a complete disaster zone but if you think I have it in me to get up and clean it/anything you’re delusional.

5. I’m so exhausted I could keel over at any moment but am refusing to go to bed at 7:30 on a Friday night no matter how wonderful the idea may sound right now… I am just not that lame.

I’m holding onto 2 Corinthians 9:8 for dear life “God can make all grace abound to you, that having all sufficiency in everything you will have enough for every good deed.”  Supposedly all the grace, patience, will power, and energy I need to make it through tonight without turning into the miserable growling creature I desire to be is at my finger tips… everything I need is right here at my disposal.

I guess we’ll see, right now though it’s the only hope I’ve got.  That and the knowledge that tomorrow everything will probably be better.


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