Sedona: The Good, The Bad, and The Broken

Vacation to Sedona part 1: The Good

Incase you didn’t read the last post and are too lazy to read it now I’ll recap Sparknotes style.  Sedona, us and our good buddies Steve and Darla, six days and five nights at a super fancy resort that we could never afford in a million years… for free! 

Best vacation I’ve ever had.  Our first night there we chilled out, had made some dinner, and Darla and I went swimming in the fabulously warm and giant heated pool at night while V  slept and the boys nerded out on World of Warcraft back in the suite.  Saturday we trolled around the city including the “artist village” (read: tourist trap) of Tlaquepaque (picture #1) which we decided was Navajo for “selling the glass beads and trinkets back to the white man at exorbitant prices”.  We spent part of the afternoon hanging out at this great little outdoor cafe we found, the Blue Moon cafe, (picture #2) which is home to an unbelievable view and the best chicken sandwich I’ve ever had in my life, and ended the day with mini golf (picture #3), feeding the ducks (picture #4), and burritos with fresh homemade guacamole.  Sunday we drove up to Snowbowl so the boys could go snow boarding and Darla and I could introduce Verona to snow (which she hated) (picture #5), then came home and had a Valentine’s Day double date of mind blowing sushi at a place with, once again, the greatest view ever (picture #6).

Vacation in Sedona part 2: The Bad

All was well until Monday morning when Verona tried to get out of our bed, which is substantially higher than our bed at home, and landed wrong on her leg.  She cried for a second but we brought her back into bed and she fell asleep so we weren’t worried about it but once we all got up we realized she refused to stand on it.  Our little monster who normally spends the whole day running all over did nothing but sit on the couch.  We called her pediatrician back home who said to take her to the Urgent Care center in Sedona so we did and after about an hour getting squeezed, pulled, and x-rayed but doctors and nurses they told us…

Vacation in Sedona part 3: The Broken

…she had a fracture on the top of her left tibia.  “Go home,” they said.  “We don’t know how to handle an injury like this on a baby.”  So we went home and saw the pediatrician who said “I don’t know what to do, go see the orthopedic surgeon.”  So we went and saw the orthopedic surgeon who said “What color of cast would you like?”  So Verona’s got a big pink cast, all the way up her leg because the break was so close to the knee a normal short cast wasn’t an option. 

She’d been doing really good until tonight when she couldn’t find a position she could sleep in (I had to write this in like nine pieces as I went back and forth between rocking her and putting her sleepy self down, back to the computer, and back to her when she started crying.  Just now I was about the write that she was passed out on our bed but as I started to put fingers to keys she came crawling (crawling?  sliding?  shuffling?) down the hall to us, dragging her giant pink leg behind her… wide awake while simultaneously so sleepy.


2 thoughts on “Sedona: The Good, The Bad, and The Broken

  1. Really, it hasn’t slowed her down all that much. 🙂 The first day she just sat around and was frusterated but then she figured out how to deal with it and now she’s rip-roaring around like usual.

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