Vacation Time

We never get to go on vacations because we’re too poor.  Sometimes we get to go visit family but I don’t count that as a vacation because family time is about the furthest thing from relaxing I can think of, and also because we don’t get to plan our own stuff, we’re just along on someone elses ride.  Sometimes we go camping and that’s kind of a vacation I suppose… but I digress.

My facebook addiction has finally paid off.  A wonderful wonderful couple from our church has a timeshare up in Sedona, the year got away from them, and they realized they had to book the place for this weekend or they would lose it for the year.  Problem is, they can’t go this weekend.  So she posted on facebook “whoever responds first can have it”.  ME ME ME ME ME ME!!!!!!  So David, Verona and myself along with our good friends Steve and Darla are headed up to one of the most gorgeous places on earth to spend six days and five nights at a resort we could never in a million years afford to go to… for free.  🙂

Needless to say, I am so excited I could spit.

Right now I’m in midst of the chaotic packing, trying to figure out which things I’ve forgotten and what we need and don’t need (I was always a super light packer until I had Verona… not anymore) and still trying to get out of the house as early as possible this afternoon to maximize… I’m going to say it slowly and with reverence, savoring the words… Our Vacation.  HUZZAH!


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