Things I’m Lovin’

The girls and I were reading poetry today and stumbled across this poem which really inspired me.  The funny thing is I really hadn’t wanted to read at all this morning, I was just in a pissy mood, but Kirra kept handing the book to me and finally I relented.  Kids are wonderful. 

You said to us, your arms outstretched
-a golden boy of three,
“I’m waiting for a butterfly
to come and land on me.”

Your dad and I were worried.
We exchanged a little smile.
“You know,” Dad offered tenderly,
“that might take a while.”

“Try again,” I added,
“when the bushes are in flower…”
But still you stood there, motionless,
for what seemed like an hour.

“How about a  game of catch?”
Dad hoped he could distract.
“After the butterfly,” you said,
with confidence and tact.

We knew, as grown-ups do, of course,
this dream could not come true-
that tears and disappointment
would undoubtedly ensue.

Yet suddenly, from nowhere,
just the way you had foretold,
Her Majesty appeared
and settled lightly on your shoulder.

Your smile extended ear to ear.
You looked at Dad and me.
She flexed her lovely orange wings,
and you said, simply, “See?”

-Faith, by Emma Walton Hamilton


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