Coffee Time

Thursdays means coffee time.  At church on Thursday mornings people get together to drink coffee (tea for me since the discovery of Strawberry, the future member of our family), eat delicious things, and have some time to relax and connect with each other.  Anyone is invited but since it’s on a weekday morning it ends up being the people who work at the church, old people, and a few of us unemployed folks like myself. 

Those of us who come on a regular basis take turns bringing the snack and yesterday was the day that we all wait for… Emil’s turn.  Emil is an angry old man (I say that in the most affectionate way) who happens to be the most amazing cook, known far and wide for his OUT OF THIS WORLD homemade cinnamon rolls which he brings for us when it’s his turn.  Verona and I shared three.  Yes, I said it… there.

In the winter we have a huge new group of people who join us, our SOOP volunteers.  SOOP stands for Service Opportunities for Older People and provides seniors with an excuse to come hang out in our warmer climate during the winter.  Verona has made friends with an old man from Calgary who told us yesterday that it was actually warmer back home on Wednesday than it was here.  Calgary… seriously… warmer in Calgary than Phoenix… the world is totally ending.


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