Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling… Oh My!

I had originally left this as a comment responding to Erin on my last post but decided everyone should have a chance to love on a few of my favorite links.

I am bugged to no end by bad grammar and spelling… which is really quite funny because my grammar and spelling are pretty atrocious but damn it, I try!  My beef isn’t with people who genuinely don’t know how to properly utilize all the tools available in the English language, but with the fact that our public education system let them finish school without a basic understanding of punctuation, and with the people who just blatantly disregard all rules in favor of typing run on sentences that never end, never have any capital letters, and involve a plethora of non-sensical pseudo exclamations like “lol” “imho” and “lmao”.

Anyway, enough of my ranting.  Here are a few of my favorite hilarious takes on grammar and spelling for you all to enjoy.  First is about how to mentally cope with bad English skills online, specifically when people condense the words “a lot” into one word “alot”.   Check out the Alot… you will laugh, I promise.

Second is some simple ways to remember the correct spelling of commonly misspelled words… my personal favorite being “If you put an a in definitely then you are definitely and a-hole”.

And finally, remember that by being pissed off by poor grammar and spelling you are really just taking pride in your race, because white people love good grammar.


2 thoughts on “Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling… Oh My!

  1. Um. So, my grammar sucks. Actually, it’s my fingers that suck. There is some faulty connection between my brain (that definAtely knows the difference between “are” and “our”) and my fingers. The fingers are in some kind of rebellious campaign to make me look like an idiot more often than not.

    Le sigh.

    1. Jessica, if it makes you feel better yours has never been bad enough to bug me. But I’m sure you were just distraught over the idea of not meeting my oh-so-desired approval. 😉

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