She’s Is Totally My Child


Yesterday I put shoes on Verona to go outside and play and like always she took them off as soon as I let go of her.  I was trying to make that into this big story about learning to accept children for who they are or not doing unnecessary things (like making children wear shoes) for the sole purpose of “because that’s what moms do” but the whole thing was sounding cheesy and stupid.  Go figure.  Anyway, my daughter hates wearing shoes as much as I do, so I’m giving up on her and shoes all together. 

So remember how for so many posts recently I’ve been referring to “big changes” or “exciting new things” or “something awesome that I can’t tell you about”… well it’s not a secret anymore.  We are having another baby.  Strawberry (that’s it’s name until it has a gender and a life outside my uterus) should arrive around the middle to end of this September… and we can’t want to meet him/her.  🙂  Huzzah!


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