Wicked the Musical and Wicked Good Sushi

The Susan, one of my many mothers (cheese and rice how does one person have as many parents as I do?!?!?!) got David and I tickets to Wicked for Christmas… and yesterday was finally the day. 

The day was abnormally perfect on several levels, the first of which is Wicked itself.  Wicked was one of my favorite books ever, and then someone decided to take my favorite book and make it into my favorite thing (musical theater).  How can anything get better than that?!?!  (I’ll give you a hint, it can’t.)  Smashing so many awesome things together is a dangerous endeavour… that’s the reason things like puppy-punk rock and cupcake-reach arounds don’t exist.  The second was that we had a whole day with just the two of us which we desperately needed… although that didn’t stop me from missing Verona something fierce by the time we picked her up.  The third was this sushi and spicy chicken bowl that we shared for dinner…

at this cute little place downtown.  The fourth was a secret that I’m not going to tell you right now but rest assured dear reader(s?) the truth shall soon be known.  And the fifth was the amazing views on the drive home.


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