Kids Teaching Kids

We always talk about what we as adults should be teaching our kids, what we should be exposing them too, what lessons we should impart.  We we we, us us us, narcissism narcissism narcissism. 

It’s important not to forget that a childs most important teacher is the world around them and that a big part of that is other kids.  This morning I was taking care of another little girl, I left the room for a second and when I came back in Verona was down on the floor “reading” to her (holding up the book and babbling away).   It occurred to me that as valuable as me reading to her is, this may be even more so.  Instead of it being all about me (I get a book, I put her on my lap, I read it to her) she was exploring and enjoying them on her own… and not only that but she was sharing the joy she has for them with someone else. 

It’s easy to get all wrapped up in our own desires when it comes to children, but it’s good to remember that it’s not always all about us.


2 thoughts on “Kids Teaching Kids

  1. Great post! I am a mother of 3 and step mother of 2 and agree that children learn so much from each other. I also believe that, at times, they respond better to one another as well. My 2 year old is much more willing to allow her big sister to brush her hair than me, for example. My youngest will allow his 2 year old sister to feed him from a spoon but bats it away in fury if I try. People often wonder how the children get individual attention in a larger family like ours, but the truth is that they often prefer to get it from one another, and it is no less valuable than time with a grown up.

  2. Erin says:

    This is a teacher’s dream come true. 🙂

    And you are right. What Verona is doing is really important to emergent literacy. In addition to you reading to her, it’s important that she “reads” to you, even when she’s just making things up.

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