Things Kids Can Teach Us #1

Things Kids Can Teach Us #1: Learning new things is fun!

V is learning to walk; it’s takes a lot of hard work, it takes a lot of time, and she falls down A LOT.  And she thinks it is awesome!  When was the last time you spent a large amount of time and energy to learn something new and were happy about it?  Fulfilled, maybe, but downright joyful? 

I thought so.

Learning new things should be fun.  Messing up a bazillion and four times, many times in front of a room full of people, shouldn’t be a big damn deal.  Hey, messing up is part of the process and we all do it, so why are we ashamed?  V isn’t.  She keeps standing back up and walking a few steps… then a few more… then half way across the room… and before any of us know what’s going on she’ll be running all around the backyard and we’ll be trying to get her to sit still.

And let’s assume for a second maybe she couldn’t do it.  She learns new things all the time and sometimes what she learns is that she can’t do it.  Whether it’s learning that paper won’t stick to the fridge like magnets will or that you can’t get the cheese sandwich back from the dog once you’ve given it to him… learning is equally fun whether you can do it or not.


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