Being OK With Me

2011 Photo Project

It is no secret that since having Verona I am at a size that is substantially larger than I have ever been before in my life.  It is also probably not a big secret that I am pretty uncomfortable with it.

So when my friend Kristen took this picture of me, Verona, and Kristen’s daughter Sonia today at the park my first response upon seeing it was “There is no way I’m putting that picture on the blog/facebook/anywhere that people might see it.  How about you take a cute picture of just the kids… I’ll use that one.”  But the truth is this is who I am right now, and being all pissy because I think I look fat is just far too cliché for me to be ok with it.  So I’ll keep trying to eat healthy, and I’ll keep working out, and I’ll keep slowly (oh so agonizingly slowly)  losing the weight, but for now I need to be ok with who I am.  And really, who is looking at me in this picture anyway with such adorable little girls around?  Exactly. 

So here we are folks, today’s picture.  Two adorable little girls and me in all the splendid glory that I am right now.  Enjoy.


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