2011 Photo Project

Old people are awesome (at least a lot of them are)… our culture doesn’t remember that often enough.

Olive is one of the coolest.  Verona and I go hang out with her whenever we get the chance, she always has cookies, tons of hugs for Verona (and me), the ability to school me at game after game of Rumikube, and a plethora of great stories about the never ending list of adventures she’s experienced in her life.  I started to type some of them just now but having the stories told by anyone but her would be an injustice.

Olive is just one of the many examples of why it’s so sad that we confine our elderly to nursing homes and only go visit them once or twice a year feeling a tinge of guilt mixed with frustration that we had to take that hour or two out of our lives.  If there is anyone in this world with the wisdom and insight to set us all straight it’s people like her.

Go find an old person and hang out, I dare you.


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