2011 Photo Project

Baili is one of our roommates girls.  There are a lot of people that don’t get mentioned on here as much as they should given the large role they play in our lives and the twins are two of them.  Baili is developmentally delayed because she was born so premature but she has a bigger heart then almost any other child I’ve ever met.  She will just gaze at you with these big, awe filled eyes and smile the sweetest smile you’ve ever seen. 

Verona is good for Baili because even though V is younger they’re at about the same place in developing their gross motor skills and having a counter part at home to watch and imitate challenges Baili to keep working on tough things (right now it’s pulling herself up) in a way that the rest of us couldn’t.  Baili is good for Verona because it gives her someone to help and she’ll never develop the mentality of being the only little one in the house and therefore the only one deserving of attention.

Baili brings a sweetness and gloriously optimistic view of the world to our house/larger family that we are all better off for.  🙂


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