Happy New Year!

(Jules and Scott playing Just Dance on the Wii.)

I love New Years Eve!  One big reason is that by its very nature it precludes people pussing at inappropriately early hours.  Usually when we all get together our friends, in their old age, start dropping one by one like little flies once the clock hits 9:30 (leaving my night owl self having fun all by her lonesome)… but on New Years Eve social convention forces us all to hang out until at least midnight.

Another reason is that everyone, even the most cynical of us, have a sense of optimism about the upcoming year.  We smile and talk about how this next year is going to be different… we’re going to work out and eat healthy!  We’re going to get in touch with our creative side!  We’re going to be more loving people!  We’re going to quit smoking!  In the back of our minds we all know it’s lies but in the moment it fills us with all sorts of delusional warm fuzzy feelings and I’m ok with that.

Last night was the best kind of New Years Eve.  Lots of friends, games, plenty of delicious food, a hookah,  and good beer.  Not really the best kind of New Year Eve as much as just the best kind of night.


2 thoughts on “Happy New Year!

  1. Erin says:

    I totally want to play Just Dance with you soon. It looks really fun.

    Love all the pics you’ve been posting. You’re a great photographer!

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